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Salmon and Salmon Recovery Resource Library

Documents, links, and publications on or about salmon, steelhead, and recovery work around the state.

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  • 2016 Salmon Project List

    See page 44 for the 2016 list of ranked salmon projects.

    Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)

  • Habitat Work Schedule

    The Lead Entity Habitat Work Schedule system is the mapping and project tracking tool that allows Lead Entities to share habitat protection and restoration projects with funders and the public. HWS helps Lead Entities relate proposed, current and past project achievements to salmon recovery goals

  • Lead Entity Directory

    Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)

  • NOAA Fisheries

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries


  • Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission’s 2016 State of Our Watersheds report

    The 2016 report compiled data covering 22 watersheds in western Washington, tracking indicators that directly tie to salmon productivity.


  • Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund Database



    PRISM is a computer system open to the public to apply for grants, review information on funded grants, and produce reports about projects


  • RCO

    Washington Recreation and Conservation Office Web site


  • Regional Recovery Plans


  • SRNet

    Salmon Recovery Network

    Salmon Recovery Network

  • State of Salmon in Watersheds Reports

    This report documents how Washingtonians have responded to the challenges of protecting and restoring salmon and steelhead to healthy status. It also serves as a tool to summarize achievements, track salmon recovery progress through common indicators, and identify data gaps that need to be filled.

    Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office (GSRO)

  • Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon: Extinction is not an Option (1999)

    The report recognized strategic regional and watershed actions were essential to success, and formed the basis for identification of seven salmon regions that continue recovery work today.


  • Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon: The Washington Way (2006)

    Responding to U.S. Endangered Species Act Listings.