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Lower Columbia River’s estimated recovery plan progress

Steady progress in the region

In the face of shrinking resources, the region has made steady progress in implementing the 365 actions in its recovery plan addressing habitat, harvest, hatcheries, and hydropower facilities, and ecological interactions such as predation and competition. Implementation of the recovery plan is not a short-term initiative. Programs will need to be sustained, evaluated, and adjusted over the plan’s 25-year recovery period.

Achievements during the past 2 years include publishing the regional Habitat Status and Trends Monitoring Program, Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Plan, and the Project Implementation and Long-term Function Methods. These programs will support long-term implementation and monitoring of recovery actions across multiple impacts and numerous partners.

One of the key challenges in gauging success toward meeting recovery plan progress is the lack of information on habitat status and trends. While we are making progress on completing recovery plan actions, without monitoring we do not know whether habitat conditions across each region are improving or continuing to degrade from broader land use changes.

Indicator data

Recovery Plan Implementation Progress

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