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Aerial view of the Tucannon River

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Snake River ecological concerns

Addressing Priority Habitat Problems: Fish Passage and Water Quality

The region has focused on floodplain connectivity and function, fish passage, shoreline enhancement and water quality. Biological processes are not directly addressed by individual actions but improve when suites of actions are implemented to address the other factors. Biological processes take years or decades to improve and we will be tracking this indicator through time. Stream flow remains a challenge, primarily in the Walla Walla watershed. For the rest of the region, very little project specific actions are planned because the hydrology is largely unaltered by water use; improvements to stream flow are anticipated as natural processes are restored. Improvements are quite evident in the Tucannon River where natural processes are aggressively being restored by setting dikes back, adding channel complexity as the shoreline plantings mature.

The chart for this measure shows percent of effort addressing the main ecological concerns listed. It is not a report of percent completion or a measure of current status against a goal but rather illustrates the level of effort spent on each concern.

Indicator data

Targeting Ecological Concerns

What does this indicator mean?

Visit How we measure for background about this data, and our Salmon Data Portal for original source data behind the indicator charts and graphs used throughout this site.