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Juvenile steelhead in Puget Sound

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What we know about fish populations in Puget Sound

More data needed to adequately assess population abundance

Adult abundance recovery goals have been set for most Puget Sound Chinook salmon populations, but none have reached these goals. Some populations have shown promising upticks in recent years, while others continue to struggle under prevailing conditions.

Indicator data

Adult Abundance Summary Table

Adult Fish Abundance

Most populations of Chinook salmon are far from reaching their adult abundance recovery goals

Juvenile Fish Abundance

Data needed for population trend analysis

We are improving how we track the abundance of young salmon, but more data and analysis are needed to determine any population trends. Of the listed fish stocks measured, only 6 of 18 showed an increase. How are juvenile fish measured?

Peak = [PEAK DENSITY] (juveniles/mile)

Visit How we measure for background about this data, and our Salmon Data Portal for original source data behind the indicator charts and graphs used throughout this site.