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Recovery plan progress in Hood Canal

Recent analyses are showing a marked improvement in abundance, productivity, and spatial diversity (where and when the fish migrate and spawn) of Hood Canal summer chum populations. The core populations are considered robust with overall abundance numbers increasing. Genetic diversity is improving across the evolutionarily significant unit.

  • Habitat–The region needs to assess habitat needs in key areas and whether the recovery plan’s proposed actions still are needed.
  • Hatchery-All supplementation identified in the recovery plan has been completed. Scientists are monitoring Big Beef Creek and the Tahuya River to see whether the efforts were successful and are considering the western Kitsap Peninsula (i.e., Dewatto River, Tahuya River, Big Beef Creek) for possible work.
  • Harvest–Fishing restrictions are continuing to contribute to recovery.
  • Hydropower–Summer chum natural reintroduction has been successful in the Skokomish River. Changes in the Skokomish River flow, dam operations, and habitat improvements have resulted in a robust population of summer chum in the Skokomish River.