Welcome to the seventh biennial State of Salmon in Watersheds report. This year marks a transformation in the way the Washington State salmon recovery story is shared. We have established this new Web site to provide more ways to show salmon recovery information, to provide greater access to more detailed data, and to highlight the people in our state who are hard at work implementing and monitoring watershed health and salmon recovery.

Purpose of the Report

This report documents how Washingtonians have responded to the challenges of protecting and restoring salmon and steelhead to healthy status. It also serves as a tool to summarize achievements, track salmon recovery progress through common indicators, and identify data gaps that need to be filled.

Navigation of this Web Site

This site is intended for several audiences: those who like a summary or snapshot of the information, and others who enjoy digging deeper to find the details. There are four main clickable sections:

Home. From here, you will find paths to both statewide and regional information, as well as links to indicators of salmon recovery. You also will find the Executive Summary, which is a short, printable compilation of the information presented in the State of Salmon in Watersheds report.

State. This provides an overview of salmon recovery and watershed health across Washington State. Here is where you will find our organizing framework, the Statewide High Level Indicators, and important snapshots of monitoring, actions, and challenges we still face.

Regions. These chapters, written by our regional partners, contain detailed information about what is occurring in each salmon recovery area, in-depth data, plus our regional partner views on upcoming challenges. You also can get to the regional chapters by clicking on the Washington State map at the top of most pages.

Indicators. The boxes at the bottom of the page provide links to information in the three categories of indicators adopted by Washington: fish, watershed health, and plan implementation. This information also can be accessed by hovering on the “Indicators” header in the navigation menu at the top of the page. High level indicators are simple, brief, and clear ways to track progress of salmon recovery.

For summaries about the high level indicators as well as more detailed data, click on the links in the boxes below.